Rent a Yacht With Dream Life Miami

Whether you want to get away for a romantic weekend or just want a day out with your family, you can rent a yacht in Miami with Dream Life Miami. The company offers you yachts with licensed captains, assistants, and catering services, plus water toys to keep you entertained.

Family Empowerment Award for parents and caregivers with disabilities

The Family Empowerment Award for parents and caregivers with disabilities is a new award sponsored by the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. It will be administered by the Office of Family and Community Empowerment. This Office will focus on 33 communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 project, and will provide a number of trauma-responsive educational resources.

The award will help parents and caregivers of students with disabilities attend an additional K-12 school or a community college that offers a wide range of programs to support students. It also provides access to a Personal Education Savings Account to help fund private tutoring and other education related expenses.

The program will focus on promoting the development of positive family-school relationships and support youth in transition planning. Parent leaders will have access to PA/PTA channels and be partners in developing school leadership teams.

Ocean View condo is perfect for a Miami vacation

The Ocean View condo is in the heart of downtown Miami and features a beautiful view of the ocean. This apartment is located in an area that is very quiet, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying your vacation.

In addition to the incredible view, this apartment features a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and a private balcony. It also offers free WiFi and parking.

These apartments are also located in the heart of South Beach. You’ll find shops, restaurants, and the beach just steps away.

Guests can enjoy a private balcony with panoramic views of the ocean and Miami skyline. There is also a shared outdoor pool for guests to relax by. Also within walking distance is the Lincoln Road Mall.

The studio apartment is a great vacation rental for families or couples. There are two bathrooms, a queen bed, and a sofa bed. You’ll also find a small kitchenette and beach chairs.

‘Dream Big’ is a temporary work of art in the Perez Art Museum Miami

This week, Porsche has unveiled a massive and immersive artwork in the Perez Art Museum Miami. Titled ‘Dream Big’, the work is part of the company’s ‘Art of Dreams’ initiative.

The work, a white Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, was designed by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy. Taking his cues from childhood days of playing with toy cars, he created an enormous sculpture that challenges viewers to dream big and dream bold.

“Dream Big” will be on view at the Perez Art Museum Miami through December 3. As one of the first works in the Art of Dreams campaign, it is part of a larger initiative that highlights the company’s commitment to incorporating cars into art.

Porsche is a world-leading car maker that has a knack for combining the art of automobiles with that of fine art. With the Art of Dreams initiative, Porsche seeks to inspire people to have vivid dreams.

Fisher Island residents pay a million dollars for the slips where they tie up their $40 million yachts

Fisher Island is a 216-acre sandbar oozing with amenities. The island is a magnet for the wealthy and jet setter alike. Among the perks are the world’s largest private yacht club, a plethora of water sports, and a slew of top-of-the-line restaurants. A million dollars goes a long way in this part of the Florida Keys.

While the real estate industry has been hit hard by the recession, a billionaire flew in to check out the local penthouse a couple of weeks ago. The plethora of amenities makes Fisher Island a perfect choice for an extended stay. It’s also a perfect fit for a family vacation, with plenty of family-friendly activities to keep kids engaged. There’s a small fee to access the main house, but the amenities are well worth the cost.

‘Dream Big’ is a white Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Chris LaBrooy is a Scottish artist and avid Porsche fan. He is a multifaceted artist who has worked with several industry leading brands including British Airways, Apple, Jaguar, and Adidas. His multimedia portfolio includes classic Porsche 911 models in dreamy desert landscapes. This year, LaBrooy has collaborated with Porsche on an immersive installation, entitled Dream Big. It will appear in the Perez Art Museum Miami from November 29th through December 3rd.

The installation pays homage to childhood dreams and encourages viewers to imagine what they might be able to do. The sculpture features a larger-than-life figure with a racing helmet. A yellow figure lifts a sports car from the ground, and the car races through the sand.

The sculpture also serves as a reminder to beholders that their dreams can become reality. In fact, it forms the physical anchor point for Porsche’s global initiative, “The Art of Dreams”.

This year, the Art of Dreams program consists of interactive art installations in cities around the world. For the first time in North America, one of the exhibits from this global project will be displayed.